Founded by Christine Petras it soon converted into something more than just a regular hairdresser. She calls herself a hair freak in a positive way, because she truly loves what she does.

Listening to the costumers needs and reflecting their personalty in the style, makes her a good hairdresser. More than 25 years experience in all hair types makes her an expert.

Apart from her salon work she collaborated in uncountable projects with photographers, designers, artists, events spaces, etc.

And as if that’s not enough, all tips go to local charities!!!

Need any more reasons to come? Have a look at her sustainable philosophy.




At the young age of 14 I learned almost everything there is to know about African hairstyles. I was fascinated by everything that could be done with hair, like giving it different structures, colors etc a whole world of infinite options. My insatiable desire to learn took me to seminars for color, cutting techniques, extensions, straightening, up dos, makeup, tools, etc…

From Germany, I have traveled to England, Belgium, France and Spain always looking for challenges in the world of beauty, and that’s how I got to Barcelona. This is where in 2010 I opened my first salon LALEMANA, which soon turned into more than just a hair salon, as you’ll be able to see surfing the website.

My secret? Passion!
You can always learn something new.

Time flies. Styles change.
I always look for individualism.

Love, Chris

At LALEMANA we do gender friendly pricing, that only depends on time and technically skills involved. 

We offer everything from retro styles to the most avant-garde! Service includes advice, shampoo with head massage, conditioner and natural blowdrying.

From 35€

No more worries about bad-hair-days! Put your hair in our hands. With the help of our fantastic products and tools we style up what seems to be lost! Service includes assessment, shampoo with head massage, conditioner and drying the hair with brushes or any other tools.

From 25€

We offer you everything from a natural root color to a vibrant fantasy color being always up to date with the newest technique! Service includes assessment, technical color process, shampoo with head massage and conditioner.

From 49€

We are specialists in puting your hair together. Loose ponytails, braiding, fancy bride styles, we´ve done it all!!! Check out our Gallery!!! Service includes assessment, preparing hair and tecnical process. Ask for our wedding packs!!!

From 35€

We offer day, night and artistic makeup. Take a look at our gallery! Service includes advice and technical process.

From 30€

Straightening: We work with semi-permanent keratin-based systems, which improves the quality of your hair in the process!

Ask for more information and prices!

We take care about hair and the planet!
That’s why all products we use are sustainable.


Shampoo, basic, nourishing and for colored hair.

Available at our “Refill Bar”, where you can refill your bottle and save 15% off price.

Lets recover our economy and the planet!!! 


Milky-smooth, ideal for all hair types. Infused with nourishing Roucou oil is the perfect daily routine to maintain soft, shiny and voluminous hair. Antioxidant action and longlasting perfume.

Natural Tech

We are talking about hair medicine!!!

Do you have damaged hair? Dandruff? Hairloss? No matter the roots, we will find solution! Shampoos, conditioners, masks, infusions, tonics, massage oils…

Come in and ask our specialist! 

The 3 heroes

You want to protect your hair, detangle and long-lasting hold?

These are your warriors! Melu shield is a heat protector, Dede Mist a detangling leave-in conditioner and Volu mist helps you to maintain your style…

That’s all you need!!! 

Alchemy color conditioners

Conditioner to achieve creative colours for blonde or lightened hair. Also available for dark hair. Temporary, the color result will depend on the starting level of the hair and its reflect.

Special tip from Chris: “Be creative and design an unique look. Use your hair as a canvas and paint on it with several colors.” 

For blondies

Alchemy shampoo & conditioner silver Color-enhancing shampoo for platinum and cool blonde tones.

Alchemic Silver intensifies and illuminates these natural or colored blonde shades. 

Finishing products

There are products for all hair needs.

No matter if you need to discipline your frizzy hair or just want to texturize it a little, Davines provides products that shape your hair in a flexible way, water-soluble and sold in a biodegradable packaging. 


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